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When your patients with diabetes or prediabetes lose their sight, it’s devastating.

Diabetes is the leading cause of vision loss in people 18–64 years old. And there are often no obvious signs or symptoms. Learn how to look closer at your patients' eye health and take control with these resources:

The Need for Clinical Change to Drive Real Outcomes

Watch Dr. Robert Gabbay, American Diabetes Association, Dr. Valerie Sheety-Pilon, VSP Vision Care, Dr. Lori Grover, American Optometric Association, and Dr. Raj Maturi, American Academy of Ophthalmology, discuss the importance of comprehensive eye exams for those at risk for diabetes and people living with diabetes.

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Educational Videos and Tools

Explore our video resources for health care professionals on supporting patient eye health.
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Patient Eye Health Resources

Shareable patient resources—printables, podcasts and more

Eye Doctor Saves Patient with Diabetes from Possibly Going Blind

"People with diabetic retinopathy typically have no symptoms, and if unchecked, the condition can flare up suddenly with serious consequences." —Dr. Nishan Pressley, OD, a VSP network doctor.